About HeboVanDijk

HeboVanDijk is a textile wholesaler that mainly focuses on linen rental companies and laundries, which supply hotels, restaurants and care. HeboVanDijk was created in 2008 by the acquisition of a part of the company Van Dijk Holland BV by Hebo Textiel BV. Both companies have been active in the institutional market for many years. The acquisition has given us the opportunity to offer the customer, even better than before, a total package of concepts.


Why HeboVanDijk?

Due to closures of many weaving businesses, the textile market increasingly consists of outsourcing all production. As a result, knowledge is often shifted to the areas that take care of this production. Knowledge of textiles in the Netherlands is therefore becoming rare. We do have that knowledge, and are therefore a unique organization. We believe that product expertise in both purchasing and commercial areas is a requirement. Our goal is to continue to increase this knowledge.

Quality, reliability, service and innovation are the priority for us and we try to be as flexible as possible to our clients. We also care a lot about the environment, we are GOTS certified and support good causes. In addition, we only work with suppliers who comply with our own Code of Conduct, who ensures that all products are made in a Socially Responsible Environment.


HeboVanDijk has the possibility to make beautiful products. The confection room is equipped with cutting tables, cutting machines and various sewing machines. This gives us better control and the ability to produce very quickly. We have 4000 m² of storage space, where we keep a certain stock for basic and customer-related products. This planning system makes us extremely flexible to send many orders directly and to meet the expectations of our customers.

One of our largest suppliers has a total output of 120,000 meters per day and hopes they will soon reach an output of 150,000 meters per day. The jacquard looms are equipped with jumbo jacquards and are capable of weaving up to 3 meters wide. The Air-jet looms are all made by Picanol and are known as one of the most advanced Air-jet weaving machines for the production of a wide range of high quality fabrics.

During the last 2 years they are increasing their capacity through the new Picanol Optimax technology, the Optimax offers all possibilities for weaving top quality.